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EVP Ltd introduce FHOSS wearable illumination


Emergency Vehicle Products Ltd, delivering an extensive range of safety products to emergency and utility market, have proudly added award winning FHOSS products to their portfolio.

The main focus of EVP Ltd is to bring safety enhancing products to operatives working in the emergency and utility services. However, FHOSS products go beyond that by providing high visibility items that are also suitable to personnel in construction industry, outdoor-lovers, children or dog walkers.


A wide audience of users will appreciate the Armband, the Belt and the Cord which offer 360 degree high performance wearable illumination. Perfect for work or leisure activities such as cycling, running and walking, their 100 hour replaceable battery provides illumination that does not rely on an external light source to reflect the light ensuring maximum visibility at all times.

The 100,000 hour LED lit strip – Armband is available in red and white with blink & glow modes. It is manufactured from lightweight nylon and is soft, durable and comfortable for extensive use. The one size fits all band simply wraps around the wrist, arm or ankle.

The Cord can be adapted to retro fit for various uses, integrated into products or a stand alone item; simply attach to your rucksack, arms, legs, helmet etc for illumination without a primary source. In our shop it is available in  Blue, Green, Red and White.

The Illuminated Belt is made from flexible polymer with a bright red or yellow LED light. It has adjustable sizing and comes with a super bright elastic strap. The Belt offers two different settings, a slow flashing option and a steady glow.

The Magnet Light is a small yet powerful light clip that can be attached to bikes, helmets, clothing and magnetic surfaces. It is the perfect accessory that is small and lightweight yet bright enough to draw attention. It has two settings and is available in blue, green, red and white.


Outdoor lovers and sport enthusiasts will appreciate the Signaling Rucksack and Signaling Bicycle Tail Bag. Both items provide safety using advanced technology via a bluetooth remote control that allows the user to activate illuminated directional LED’s that signal forward, left and right movement along with a slow/stop signal to the traffic behind. The Rucksack is lightweight and the Tailback is easily attached just behind the bike seat. Both are charged with the attached USB cable and the remote control can be mounted onto handlebars or a wrist.

Paul Garner, EVP Ltd Managing Director adds: “Our aim is to supply our customers with items that enhance their safety. FHOSS wearable illumination could save lives of not only emergency personnel but of anyone who spends time outdoors.”

Visit our shop to see these products shine.

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