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Contactless Keetec Immobiliser TS IMO

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Anti-theft system KEETEC with smart detection and two circuits of immobilization. The system is active always if the transmitter is out of the range (engine immobilization).

3 modes of system deactivation:

1. using contactless transmitter;

2. using identification E-card,

3. using both.

Anti-hijacking mode is settable optionally – if engine running and remote controller will be out of range, process of immobilization starts and engine will be stopped. Remote controller use motion sensor for saving lifetime of battery (after few hour without moving, the remote controller go to sleep mode). Immobilizer may be configured by valet switch or by application in PC (T PROG programmer is necessary).

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System description:

  • two circuits of immobilization (ignition/fuel pump) – contacts NC / NO / COM
  • remote controllers with SMART function and motion sensor
  • E-card KEETEC
  • emergency deactivation by PIN code
  • service mode
  • settable activation time after turning off the ignition (30 seconds or 120 seconds)
  • deactivation of immobilizer after door open – optional
  • system allows you to program 3pcs of RC and 3pcs of E-cards KEETEC
  • alarm output (siren or GSM pager)
  • configuration setting and list of event history via PC



  1. deactivation using contactless remote (or by pressing the button on RC)
  2. deactivation using E-card
  3. deactivation using RC and E-card


Technical parameters:

  • Supply voltage: 9 – 16 V
  • Stand-by current: 20mA
  • Frequency: 2,4 GHz
  • Range: 20m
  • Operating temperature: -40°C <-> +85°C
  • Power outputs: max. 20A
  • battery life is about 1 year (CR2450)



  • control unit
  • 2pcs of RC SMART
  • 1pc of E-card KEETEC
  • service button with LED
  • cabling
  • buzzer

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